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  1. The information we collect with regards to demography, lifestyle and others help us in coming up with better solutions and also understand the customer's needs.
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All food products are non-returnable and will not be refunded once delivered.


Every Amirthaa product has a nutritional information chart that clearly highlights the nutritional value of the product. For the fitness enthusiast, you can always choose our low fat variant milk, skimmed milk powder or low fat paneer. If you are looking for milk with all its fat intact then pick up our 6% fat full cream milk. If you looking for low fat version then you can choose our 1.5% double toned milk which has less fat. Accordingly, we have 3% fat-toned milk and a standardized version with 4.5% or fat. Similarly, our other milk products also consist of information on energy so that people who count their everyday calorie can pick and choose what is best for them.

It is also equally important to be noting the manufacturing date of the product and its "Use before period" period. You need to look for the "Use by" date for milk and "best before" date for all the other milk products. The fssai certification is mandatory for any food brand. Look for the certification and their number to be ensure that your food is safely manufactured under stipulated food safety standards.

In case you are wary of receiving a duplicate product in a brand, you can easily find that out by simply scanning the bar code in the product. This gives information about the product in detail when it is original.

Knowing these and applying this as a customer is your right. We at Amirthaa value your right to access for high quality, fresh and tasty food.




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